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"It's hard convincing yourself that where you are at the moment is your home, and it's not always where your heart is. Sometimes I win and sometimes not."
-- Jonathan Carroll

I bumped into someone on the street yesterday I hadn’t seen for ages. Kiss kiss how ARE you? Blah blah. She told me shey’d recently moved to the neighborhood and was just getting used to what stores to use, what restaurants, etcetera. The back story on this woman is she is very beautiful, *very* messed up, and very charismatic. She’s probably broken more hearts than any person I have ever known, but she does it innocently and without the slightest bit of guile. She just is who she is and that’s a major handful. Whenever I’ve seen her in the past, she’s always been involved with a number of men at the same time but none of them know about each other until she tells them and then boom. Ever since we met years ago I’ve wanted to use her as a character in a novel, but just can’t figure her out. I’m often asked if I use people from real life as the basis for characters in my books. I always say yes, but with lots of alterations naturally. It’s like bringing a new coat to the tailor and having them take it in a little here, let out the sleeves, etcetera. But there are some people you’d love to put into a book but they just don’t fit, or some intangible part of them won’t let you. No, not me. When we said goodbye yesterday, I stood on the street watching her walk away thinking once again, damn it, she’d be so great in a story but it ain’t gonna happen.
- Jonathan Carroll

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