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"It's hard convincing yourself that where you are at the moment is your home, and it's not always where your heart is. Sometimes I win and sometimes not."
-- Jonathan Carroll
Aleksandra Mojsilovic
Aleksandra Mojsilovic
At a lunch afterwards, Brian asked if they might be friends. The way he asked—shyly and with a charming tone of worry in his voice—flustered her. In court he was so confident and authoritative. But now he sounded like a 7th grade boy asking her to dance. On the verge of saying of course, it struck her uh oh maybe he doesn’t want to be just friends, he wants— As if reading her mind, the lawyer put up a hand and shook his head. ‘Please don’t take that any way but how I said it. I just think we could be great friends. I hope you do too. No more and no less than that. What do you say?’ He stuck out his hand to shake. A funny, odd gesture at that moment—like they were sealing a deal rather than starting a friendship. It told her everything was all right. She hadn’t misread his intentions.
Jonathan Carroll from  East of Furious
Adeline Petit by Romain Pivétal
He took her note out of his pocket and read it again for the seventh time that day. As he did, he grew exactly the same smile as before.
“Thank you for making me hungry and I’m not talking only about food; you make me hungry in so many wonderful ways.

Jonathan Carroll
Aleksandra Mojsilovic
Last summer I met a woman who doesn’t like to hold hands with her loves. I’ve known people who aren’t crazy about it or are just indifferent to that famously romantic gesture (both men and women). But until then I had never encountered anyone who was 100% adamantly no about it. Curious, I asked why the vehemence. She said, “If I like you, I take your hand and hold it. What does that mean?” On the defensive, I thought fast and answered it means you do like me and that’s a demonstrable way of letting me know. It means you want to be physically closer to me. She shook her head and said,”I can think of much better ways to be physically close to you. And how does holding your hand show that I care? Why don’t I just kiss you, or tell you, or a million other things. Children hold hands. Old people too because they’re wobbly and it helps keep them stable. Holding hands is nice for children and old people but it is *not* romantic.” Curious, I asked if she ever put her arm around a lover’s shoulder or their waist? Did she do that, or allow it to be done to her? She shrugged and said sometimes, but she thought those gestures were kind of lame too. Since she said that, whenever I see a couple holding hands now I’m sort of torn. It *is* a nice loving gesture, but when you really think about it…
Jonathan Carroll
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