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"It's hard convincing yourself that where you are at the moment is your home, and it's not always where your heart is. Sometimes I win and sometimes not."
-- Jonathan Carroll
Tell a person they’ve no sense of humor is as bad as telling them they’re lousy in bed. How we laugh and how we fuck:the heart of our matter
— Jonathan Carroll
Sameli Kujala
Craig Wall
Great sleep dreams seduce and sometimes torture. The best ones can almost break our heart when we awaken from them and find ourselves back…here. I’m talking about those exceedingly rare dreams we’ve all had over the course of our lives so splendid or sexy or momentous or idyllic or every one of those things combined that we never want them to end and are genuinely distraught on waking and these luminous moments and images immediately begin to vanish into our never-very trustworthy memory. No romantic moments in waking life have ever been greater than those in that one walk-in-the- forest dream you had when you were 19. The dream with the 101% perfect mate who evaporated like morning mist as soon as you woke. Or the magnificent candlelight meal in that Austrian gasthaus where both the mood and the meal tasted like the gods had prepared them only for you. And remember the bliss you felt on meeting your dead parent (brother, sister, best friend…) in some unimportant place—an empty parking lot or a small rural airport. You sat together just like the old days and spoke about things that brought you peace and a heart-filling reminder of the strength of the love that lost person once had for you when they were alive.
— Jonathan Carroll  ( from the new novella)
Someone once said something about new love that has often come back to me over the years because of the rightness of her observation: The best part of a new romance is the waiting. Waiting for the phone to ring, the letter (or email) to arrive, for that moment when they finally say those words you have wanted to hear. What is better than waiting for them to meet you for one of those very first dates. Arriving at the rendezvous spot early, your heart is beating fast, you’re breathing shallowly, your eyes look everywhere. They’re due to arrive any moment and you don’t want to miss that. Your hands are nervous or too still, you’re smiling and couldn’t stop now even if you tried. No matter how the evening ahead of you goes, nothing will surpass the magic of these electric moments waiting for them to arrive. Either the French or the Dutch have a saying that the best part of sex is climbing the stairs. That is what this waiting is all about. Waiting, anticipating, your imagination crammed full of glorious maybes . The waiting.
— Jonathan Carroll
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