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"It's hard convincing yourself that where you are at the moment is your home, and it's not always where your heart is. Sometimes I win and sometimes not."
-- Jonathan Carroll
When anything truly important happens in your life, wherever you happen to be, find a stick in the immediate vicinity and write the occasion and date on it. Keep these sticks together, protect them. There shouldn’t be too many; sort through them every few years and separate the events that remain genuinely important from those that once were but are no longer. You know the difference.Throw the rest out. When you are very old, very sick, or sure there’s not much time left to live, put them together and burn them. The marriage of sticks.
— Jonathan Carroll (from THE MARRIAGE OF STICKS )
Olivia Rae James
Hands can tell you the real truth about someone. The way they rise or fall, so often unconscious of their sadness or grace, can signal final defeat or love that hides behind a straight face or cynical smile.
Jonathan Carroll


by Fabio

…these hands…i am reminded of a special someone…
Beth Kirby
Craig Wall
Tell a person they’ve no sense of humor is as bad as telling them they’re lousy in bed. How we laugh and how we fuck:the heart of our matter
— Jonathan Carroll
Sameli Kujala
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