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"It's hard convincing yourself that where you are at the moment is your home, and it's not always where your heart is. Sometimes I win and sometimes not."
-- Jonathan Carroll
Some homes are the perfect friend, womb, safe harbor or hiding place when one is needed. Others are nothing more than neutral spaces to sleep, eat, and store your belongings in. The last and worst kind of dwelling doesn’t even deserve to be called home because it offers no comfort, rest or shelter. You get the feeling that if it were a person, it not only resents your presence, but would likely turn you in to the authorities if you were in trouble. Bad moods darken in these places; despair grows like bacteria.
Jonathan Carroll
Sean Fennessy
Janine Mizéra
Olivia Rae James
Paul Croes
You can lose yourself watching rain as easily as you can watching a fire. Both are deliberate yet whimsical, completely engrossing in no time at all.
Jonathan Carroll / Bones of The Moon
Paul Barbera

The Life and Times of the Plume: Buffalo Feathers
Can I have your life for a while— or more? I promise to feed it only good things, make it laugh often and always, always feel safe. If or when you want it back, just say the word
Jonathan Carroll
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