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"It's hard convincing yourself that where you are at the moment is your home, and it's not always where your heart is. Sometimes I win and sometimes not."
-- Jonathan Carroll

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Bask in the Sun - Spring summer 2014 collection
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You can’t ‘face your fear’ as is so often lamely suggested by pundits and gurus. Because fear doesn’t have a face, anymore than it does a telephone number. The only thing you *can* do with fear when it insists on coming along for this or that part of your ride, is to try and keep it in the backseat and never *ever* let it take the wheel.
Jonathan Carroll

Broad (fava) bean & chickpea falafel with honey & cumin roasted carrots and beetroot served with lemon labne. From the Kitchen

We were each other’s big, real hope and luckily recognized it fast. When good fortune pulls up in front of you too quickly, it can make you suspicious. You hesitate before getting in. But both of us had been through enough lonely times to know there were only so many chances at contentment with another person. In other words, don’t think too long before acting.
In his ‘Letters to a Young Poet,’ Rilke copies down one of his correspondent Kappus’s poems and sends it back to the young man, saying, ‘And now I am giving you this copy because I know that it is important and full of new experience to rediscover a work of one’s own in someone else’s handwriting. Read the poem as if you had never seen it before, and you will feel in your innermost being how very much it is your own.

For some reason, the idea of this great man hand-copying a fan’s poem and sending it to him has always touched me deeply. What generosity! Who would ever think of doing that?
But then I met her, and she took much of what I was or believed and, putting her own stamp on it, handed it back to me as if I had never seen it before. Perhaps that is what love is—another’s desire to return you to yourself enhanced by their vision, graced by their handwriting.

Jonathan Carroll
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