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"It's hard convincing yourself that where you are at the moment is your home, and it's not always where your heart is. Sometimes I win and sometimes not."
-- Jonathan Carroll
Wouldn’t it be great if at difficult times in our lives we were able to turn to younger versions of ourselves and ask them for help? For example, you’re frightened of something now because you’ve learned from past experience that there are good reasons to be scared. So you turn inward and ask 27 year old you to take over now. Because at 27, you were afraid of little in life (for better or worse). 27 year old you had a sureness and confidence that for many reasons you lost along the way to today. Or you meet someone wonderful, but in the past you’ve been hurt so many times that you’re wary and cynical of love and becoming involved again. But 19 year old you wasn’t; they believed fully in the magic and infinite possibilities of new love in a way you haven’t for years. If you’ve lived a long enough time, you have been many people, both strong and weak. Somewhere in our being those people must still exist. Many of them were optimistic, bulletproof, trusting, or stone-cold sure of what they were doing. They sincerely believed life’s possibilities were limitless and user-friendly. Scared, confused, depressed, cynical, apathetic—whatever negative frame of mind you might be in now, there *were* times in life when you were just the opposite. How great it would be if we could turn to those other versions of our self and say you can handle this situation better than me. Please take the wheel now and drive this rough part of life’s road.
Jonathan Carroll

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You can’t ‘face your fear’ as is so often lamely suggested by pundits and gurus. Because fear doesn’t have a face, anymore than it does a telephone number. The only thing you *can* do with fear when it insists on coming along for this or that part of your ride, is to try and keep it in the backseat and never *ever* let it take the wheel.
Jonathan Carroll

Broad (fava) bean & chickpea falafel with honey & cumin roasted carrots and beetroot served with lemon labne. From the Kitchen
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