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"It's hard convincing yourself that where you are at the moment is your home, and it's not always where your heart is. Sometimes I win and sometimes not."
-- Jonathan Carroll

Hungry Ghost food+travel
Every day he walked his sadness like it was a giant hound on a long line. The dog went wherever it wanted and was so strong that he barely kept control. But when it got so bad that he almost lost it, he would yank hard on the line and stop where he was. The dog knew enough to slow, look over its shoulder at him and wait for instructions.
— Jonathan Carroll

Golden compass. 2013.Found this a couple months ago while we were camping.
Usually at least once in a person’s childhood we lose an object that at the time is invaluable and irreplaceable to us, although it is worthless to others. Many people remember that lost article for the rest of their lives. Whether it was a lucky pocketknife, a transparent plastic bracelet given to you by your father, a toy you had longed for and never expected to receive, but there it was under the tree on Christmas… it makes no difference what it was. If we describe it to others and explain why it was so important, even those who love us smile indulgently because to them it sounds like a trivial thing to lose. Kid stuff. But it is not. Those who forget about this object have lost a valuable, perhaps even crucial memory. Becuase something central to our younger self resided in that thing. When we lost it, for whatever reason, a part of us shifted permanently.
Jonathan Carroll, The Ghost in Love
His mind evokes an image of an incredibly cozy room with nap-perfect comfortable old furniture placed just so that you can look out the many windows onto the incredible view—of the sea, the Alps, or even an endless meadow dotted with grazing sheep. It is a room out of THE HOBBIT or WIND IN THE WILLOWS; a space where you could be happy for years without ever having to leave. When he enters that room he carries a tray full of tea things and something delicious just baked. It’s just you two in there and when he sits down in one of those great chairs, you know the next hours will be filled to bursting.
Jonathan Carroll
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