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"It's hard convincing yourself that where you are at the moment is your home, and it's not always where your heart is. Sometimes I win and sometimes not."
-- Jonathan Carroll

Gold Photo Frame.
Sharyn Cairns

Out of nowhere she remembered a note he had written to her years ago after they’d first begun sleeping together:

“There is the morning and there is you.
On the good days, the best days, I have both.”

She didn’t know if she loved her husband anymore, but parts of her still loved parts of him, and isn’t this love too? Does it have to be everything to qualify for that holiest of words?

Jonathan Carroll /  BATHING THE LION
Melania Bresica
There is a life review, of course, but it was so much more interesting than I had ever imagined. For one thing, they show you how and where your life really happened. Things you didn’t experience or weren’t ever aware of, but which dyed the fabric of your life its final color.
Jonathan Carroll   /  Child Across the Sky
How volatile and untrustworthy memory is. How naive we are to depend on such a fragile, temperamental mechanism to keep our most important records straight.
— Jonathan Carroll / Bathing the Lion
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